Are You Eligible?

You are eligible if you meet one of these criteria:

  1. You are a Standards Advisory Group member
  2. You are an academic licensee
  3. Your organization is licensing the SASB Standards. See firms that have opted in to be listed.
  4. You work at an asset owner that is a member of the SASB Alliance
  5. You work at a consulting firm that is a member of the SASB Alliance
  6. You work at a “real economy” corporation issuing public ESG reports that is a member of the SASB Alliance

If you are not eligible, you will not receive access to the Standards Navigator and Materiality Map but can learn more about how to gain access via the links above. However, the SASB Standards are freely available for non-commercial use via the Materiality Finder or the Standards Download page.

If You Meet the Eligibility Criteria Above

For eligible requests, please fill out the form below using your work email address. Personal email addresses will not receive access unless that is the email address on record for Standards Advisory Group members or academic licensees.